The sunflower

and the bee

[Photo ©2009, cropped, Hammond, Indiana, USA]

Amazing on two counts, the sunflower and the bee. The sunflower was huge, just larger than an adult head, and I was amazed to see what looked like small flowers within the much larger flower. I never really looked this closely at these flowers before, practically another world. The bee, and its co-workers, must have seen the flower as a treasure trove. Initially the bees weren’t too happy with me taking pictures but they calmed down after a few moments. I guess they saw the value in the flower over the threat of the human and I saw the value in the picture over the possibility of a sting.

(You can see another shot of the sunflower and the bees, in edited form, at as a desktop picture.)


One thought on “The sunflower

  1. This is amazing on so many levels. The wonders of nature never cease to amaze me while still astonishing me.

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