Pond Pad Phone

dipping my feet into the iPool

[Illustration ©2009, Pond detail]

This detail is from an illustration I did some time ago. You can see a different, and larger, detail at williambosch.com as a desktop picture and calendar. (Today’s other post has the detail built for the iPad.) I have yet to release the full size illustration, and may not ever publicly – I’m still deciding on what to do with it.

I’ve built this detail for the current iPhone and/or iTouch (480 x 320 pixels). Search – how to install an itouch wallpaper – at your favorite search service for instructions on how to install the wallpaper on your iPhone or iTouch. The process is relatively easy and in-part it will entail copying the illustration in this post to your computer.

Please take note: I don’t have either of the devices, so you’re on your own with the installation. I don’t envy your iPhone because I’m the guy walking down the street Skyping into his 24inch iMac!

(I plan on making wallpapers for the iPhone and iTouch available here on a regular basis, around mid-month.)


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