Sweet Barbs


[Photo ©2010, Oahu, Hawaii, USA]

One of my favorite fruits and one of my favorite plants to grow. I’m always amazed at how many types of pineapples there are since you only see a few different kinds in your local grocery store. The next time you decide to purchase a pineapple, when you cut the top off, the head, don’t discard it, save it.  Take a plastic 2L soda bottle, cut it in half at the mid-point or lower, recycle the top half of the bottle with the neck and save the bottom part. Fill the bottom half of the 2L bottle with water and then place the head of the pineapple into the water. Change the water about once a week. As long as your pineapple was fresh to begin with you should start to see some roots at the bottom after a few weeks and the leaves should remain green. Remove any dead leaves, most of them will be the bottom leaves. As time goes on the pineapple will grow upwards and the leaves will grow outwards to decent lengths. I’ve been successful without ever using soil, just keeping them in water seems to be enough. Eat a pineapple and gain an easy houseplant!


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