You Are Here

and I thank you

[Photo ©2011, Oahu, Hawaii, USA]

This is my 200th post since beginning this experiment. I originally started this to give me something to do with my photography and to keep me somewhat busy. On one level I’ve been successful, I’ve kept up with doing posts every-other-day, and not successful on another level, barely any viewers. Well, I was never doing this for anyone other than myself anyways though, it is nice to get a comment every so often and to see people visit.

Comments? Well, not so many and I find many to really be spam-ish. WordPress uses something called Akismet to kill spam comments and it does it quite well, sometimes I’m not overly sure if the comment is spam or not but I defer to Akismet. Frankly if your comment doesn’t really address the post and it is actually pushing your site or product Akismet and I pretty much agree you are spamming. For those who have made comments in the past, thanks, I appreciate the comments and the time you took. Also, if Akismet or I were over zealous in striking your comment, sorry.

Referrers kind of confuses me because some traffic comes to me from quite unrelated sites. When I have researched those sites I didn’t even see how they were a referer. I only see a small percentage that make sense and I thank them. Some of it is by design. I do refer my primary website,, here and refer back to this blog at Hopefully if you are here you will also go to as well. I also have to specifically thank and for their help with links, they have been especially helpful.

Subscribers are also a welcomed part here. I do have a few and they get the posts via email. Hopefully my subscribers are taking a look at the larger scale photos than just relying on the smaller ones in the posts. If you aren’t already a subscriber sign up to be one if you would like. You should be able to sign up towards the bottom of the page. One more thing to my subscribers, I do owe a few of you promised prints – see 100th post. I haven’t forgotten you, really. Unfortunately the past year has thrown me a few curve balls, especially toward the end of 2010, but I’m hoping to have a better year this year – anyone hiring around the Chicago area?

I do thank you for being here and taking a look around, hopefully if you aren’t a regular you will be. Please don’t forget that each month, usually mid-month, I make available wallpapers for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Take a look at the Wallpaper tab above On Top Right. Also, at the beginning of each month there is a desktop calendar available over at, I usually post that link around the 1st of the month here.

Thanks and enjoy!



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