You Can’t Escape



[Calendars and Photos ©2013 William Bosch]

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. – Abraham Lincoln

I do appreciate that you come here and look and, maybe read. (Sure, I admit, there’s not much to read.) I know there is a plethora of pixels out there to choose from so, thanks. As a thank you, to you, I have made four different Year at a Glance Calendars that can be downloaded and printed out at home or office.

I had only planned to do one design then my wife requested the floral one, then, I decided to do two more. I now realize I could do a few more, maybe next year. Thanks again for visiting!

Please use the following links for the calendar of your choice, whether it’s one or all!

Left to Right …

Mixture (3.2 MB PDF file) –

Floral (2.3 MB PDF file) –

Chicago Architecture (3.6 MB PDF file) –

A Bit of Color (1.1 MB PDF file) –

(Larger photo, 2x, available here


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